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Welcome to the website of The Burma Campaign Society (BCS).
The Burma Campaign Society was established in March 2002 to promote understanding of Britain and Japan’s encounter during the Second World War.

BCS organises and encourages research and debate of this wartime encounter and of the consequences of it. This is an initiative of people of different generations, beginning with veterans on both sides. It includes many people who are involved in Anglo-Japanese relations, or are interested in and have connections with Burma, or just those who have an interest in history.

The Burma Campaign Society

From 1983, the late Masao Hirakubo OBE advocated reconciliation between British and Japanese soldiers who had previously been enemies.
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• Chapter-1: Album 2008 – 2016
The history of the Burma Campaign Society.
• Chapter-2 2010:
Journey to Yamagata prefecture finding the derivation of war survival.Why my father survived the dire and harrowing situation of the battle sites in Burma and India during WWII
• Chapter-4
York Visit. British Kohima Veterans, Reunion and Memorial.
Chapter 9
• Chapter-13
The first visit to Japan by a British Veteran.
The British Embassy in Tokyo.


“When you go home”
When you go home
Tell them of us
and say
For your Tomorrow
We gave our Today
The Burma Campaign Society

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